What does Witanor Horse contain?

Witanor Horse is a unique mixture of enzymes (phytase, protease, and cellulase amalyase), lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus, yeast cell walls and cornstarch.

Can I give the horse too much powder?

We recommend using two measuring spoons daily, to a horse who eats up to 18 kilograms of feed. If your horse eats more, you can increase the dose accordingly. It is not dangerous to give too much, but we encourage you to follow our recommendations.

Can I mix the powder with all brands of horse feed?

Yes you can. Give a full measuring spoon(included with the package) of Witanor Horse with feed. Moisten the feed with a little water and mix the powder into this.

What if I forget to give the mix a few days?

Skipping a few days does no major damage to the process. The effect can be reduced somewhat, but as soon as you continue to give your horse Witanor Horse the process will continue.

Do I have to habituate my horse to the enzymes?

No, the horse can start off with the full dose, but some horses can refuse to eat the enzymes at first. In this situation, the best thing to do is to start with a very small dose and gradually add more.