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Latest Test of Witanor Enzymes and Synbiotic from The Norwegian University of Life Sciences by Professor Øystein Ahlstrøm

Report WITANOR enzyme 171 2018


True digestibility is estimated by correcting for the endogenous and microbial amount of a nutrient actually lost in the faeces. The measurement of apparent digestibility is less complex than measuring true digestibility and, therefore, more suited to the requirements of diagnostic livestock systems research.

The Product was tested on 4 Male Mink (Neovision Vision) for 7 days.

Digestibility with WITANOR enzymes

The True Digestibility is 75.1% (1.1)
Apparent Digestibility is 70.7% (1.1)
Feed Consumption 94%

Digestibility without WITANOR enzymes

 (opens in a new wind

True Digestibility is 70.4% (0.8)
Apparent Digestibility is 66.1% (0.8)



Our Study on WITANOR HORSE enzymes, shows a tremendous difference of feed digestibility. This means that the Horse on WITANOR enzymes will have more feed digestibility, thus absorbing more Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Etc.

Øystein Ahlstrøm

Professor of Norwegian University of Life Sciences


Veterinarian – Tonje Lund Ness

It’s been more than a year now since we start using WITANOR HORSE enzymes and probiotics on all-out NESS Tjo Horses, Breeding Horses, Yearlings and Race Horse at the farm.

 It is no doubt that WITANOR HORSE should be a part of the feed we are feeding to all our horses. We notice great improvements such as better muscle development, strong hooves, etc. For us, WITANOR HORSE is a good feed supplement also yeast makes our horses even better.

The horse became more relaxed, calmer, happier and can withstand stress during travel, race, etc. than be before. Evidence indicates that they also go the distance in the barrel better than before, and getting even better results on the barrel.

Chantelle Haagensen

The victory of Chantelle Haagensen, one of the most talented young rider in Norway today. had an ominous opponent yet managed to pull it together for the main event. Such a win for the young rider. Chantelle has been feeding Witanor supplements. It’s no doubt that Witanor horse always lead and helps achieved her goal.
Chantelle Haagensen’s been using Witanor Horse every day for 1 year. The result is very obvious, with Witanor Horse victory is a guarantee due to its property to develop muscle mass and long horse endurance.

She said this Witanor Horse product is very amazing.

Witanor Horse AS and Backome

Witanor Horse is proud to announce that we have a new client Backome owned by Henrik and Agneta Wingstrand, a farm situated in Ätrafors Dammen, 2 kilometers northeast of Falkenberg.

Backome is where Vignir Jonasson one of the world’s best riders on Icelandic horses and Sweden best breeders for the last five years conducts his own business and training of riders, horses, breeding and selling.

Vignir  says that Witanor Horse is definitely one of the best products he have tried for training horses and it’s no doubt that Witanor horse always lead and helps achieve his goal.

Backome has been using Witanor Horse product for the past 2 years. Backome and Witanor Horse strives daily to improve both the quality and variety of our products and services we provide. Our support of Backome is another example of our commitment to help improve the quality of our product.

Witanor Horse congratulates Suldal Horse!

Ness Tjo Edel trotted 1.35 last 500 trotting of 1000 meters and made it very easy for owner John Ragnvald Ness.

Ness Tjo Edel has also competed for the final. Hoppen was the fastest on the track during Veikle Balders Country Finale last Sunday.

This mare is among many of the horses to Suldal Hestesenter using Witanor Horse.

This gives results!

Winter is Coming!

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

In the winter months, many horses will need extra energy to help them maintain their body temperature without decreasing body weight or creating stress due to discomfort for multiple days (cold stress).

Since lower quality forages are often used in winter in order to maximize access and intakes, there may be lower intakes of anti-oxidant vitamins A, E and C that are lost in prolonged storage. Poorer quality hays may also be lower or imbalanced in mineral content relative to the needs of especially young growing horses and mares in late pregnancy. Therefore the use of Witanor Organic Acids & synbiotics supplement is beneficial.

Digestive Aids or Gastric Ulcer Supplements

Horses confined to stalls for prolonged periods of time due to inclement weather may experience psychological stress that can be alleviated in part by provision of free access to forage. However, they could still be at increased risk of gastric ulceration. supplementing Witanor Pure Enzymes and Synbiotic may reduce the incidence or severity of ulceration.

Anti-Colic Supplements

The risk of impaction colic is dramatically increased by inadequate water intake, reduced physical activity, and lower quality forage intake, all of which can be present in cold winter months. Horses will not drink as much ice-cold water as they will if the water is ice free and at least 40ºF. If water is being provided in buckets it is important that they be checked twice daily and if the water is starting to freeze that it be replaced.

Winter Pure Probiotics is consist of probiotics or yeast cultures which reduces the mortality and morbidity of gastrointestinal diseases, helps normalize intestinal microflora. The major nutritional concerns during the winter months include adequate calories to maintain good body condition and adequate water intake to prevent impaction colic

Does your horse have Allergies?

Hives are a common allergic response in horses, just as they are in people. While a mild case of hives or other allergic response, such as itchy or irritated skin, may appear mysteriously and disappear just as quietly on its own, it’s worth your while to puzzle out what caused it. Allergic reactions can make a horse miserable, and they often become more serious with repeated exposure to the substance, or allergen, that triggers them.

Environmental allergens include pollen, mold, and dust that your horse inhales. When a horse develops hives or other skin symptoms because of one of these substances, he’s said to have atopic dermatitis. These allergens vary from location to location depending on what’s growing, climate and other factors. Some common allergens include molds and pollen from cocklebur and ragweed.
Contact allergens can include almost anything that comes in contact with your horse’s skin, including bedding, pasture plants, shampoo, coat conditioners, fly sprays, lotion or similar products. These products don’t cause problems for most horses, but an occasional horse will react to one ingredient or another.

Food allergies are extremely rare in horses, says Dr. White. Your horse is more apt to be allergic to dust in his alfalfa hay than to the hay itself.

Drug reactions can produce symptoms ranging from hives to anaphylaxis. You may have heard of reactions to such drugs as acepromazine, penicillin, and phenylbutazone, but it’s not clear that these drugs are especially dangerous–they’re just widely used. Reactions to vaccines are fairly common, too.

It’s not always so simple. In some horses, allergic reactions are a chronic, frustrating and potentially debilitating part of life. They occur when, for reasons that are not fully understood, a horse’s immune system becomes hypersensitized to substances, called allergens, that ordinarily do no harm. When that happens, the immune reaction runs out of control. An overabundance of antibodies are produced, which, in turn, stimulate the release of a flood of prostaglandins, histamines, and other substances. Once a horse has had an allergic reaction to a substance, each subsequent exposure tends to increase the severity of his body’s response.


Best treatment strategies: Daily use of Witanor Pure enzymes & Synbiotics together with Pure probiotic for 7-14 days helps build horse immunity can prevent any type of allergens. In addition, it can help soothe the skin and reduce itchiness and can help get rid of the allergens.

Witanor’s effects on eczema


Before Witanor Horse enzyme and probiotics was introduced


Same year after Witanor Horse enzyme and probiotics was introduced.

Mathilde kvernland have an Icelandic horse who has struggled with summer eczema ever since it was imported from Iceland. The horse doesn’t respond to insects very well, particularly gnat and ticks.

Last year was so bad that a veterinarian had to come over. The horse kept on scratching until it bleeds and got an infection in the wound. This had to be scrapped and kept clean.

Mathilde began giving horse enzymes and probiotics from Witanor few weeks before the insects arrived. This year the scratching has gone, and the tail has dramatically improved. The horse is also satisfied.

In addition, the horse is remarkably quieter and calmer. This horse was known to be shy and to constantly be spooked by little things, but this has improved significantly.